Scoring and Aging Whitetails

Whitetail Deer Pocket Field GuideObserving whitetails in the field is a pastime many people enjoy. Watching a nice buck and having a guide to “field” score and age that buck is even more exciting and very challenging.

There are many elements in managing whitetail deer.The focus of this pocket guide is on age and antler score. Aging a whitetail is every bit as important as scoring antlers. And aging includes the female deer as well. Knowing the age of a deer along with the ability to "field" score a buck can play a very important role in your management or harvesting decisions.

In deer management, education is the first step to success. The Scoring and Aging Whitetail Deer pocket guide was designed as a teaching and reference tool that can be used in the field to help you quickly identify the score and/or age of the deer you are observing. The compact design allows easy storage in a pocket or backpack and the plastic laminate cover will help protect it from the elements.

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